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Inexpensive registration of domains RU, РФ, COM, РУС and others. Buy a domain from an accredited domain registrar. HostingRU company offers to register a domain inexpensively, and also offers hosting services for sites. Everyone can buy a domain on our website and get a month of hosting for free, as well as a free SSL certificate and we will make a quick transfer of your website to our servers.

Only with us you can register a domain for cheap!
We will offer you a lot of options to fulfill your desires!

DNS (NS) for Cpanel hosting
DNS (NS) for ISPManager hosting
  • .ru 167 RUB/year1.84 $/year 1.69 €/year
  • HOSTINGAS A GIFTWhen ordering a domain, a month of hosting as a gift
  • .рф 167 RUB/year1.84 $/year 1.69 €/year
  • .com 2000 RUB/year22 $/year 20.2 €/year
  • .net 2800 RUB/year30.8 $/year 28.28 €/year
  • .org 2900 RUB/year31.9 $/year 29.29 €/year
  • .info 2700 RUB/year29.7 $/year 27.27 €/year
  • .name 1500 RUB/year16.5 $/year 15.15 €/year
  • .mobi 2900 RUB/year31.9 $/year 29.29 €/year
  • .ws 2449 RUB/year26.94 $/year 24.74 €/year
  • .tv 3800 RUB/year41.8 $/year 38.38 €/year
  • .pro 2199 RUB/year24.19 $/year 22.21 €/year
  • .рус 209 RUB/year2.3 $/year 2.12 €/year
  • .moscow 405 RUB/year4.46 $/year 4.1 €/year
  • .москва 405 RUB/year4.46 $/year 4.1 €/year
  • .art 2700 RUB/year29.7 $/year 27.27 €/year
  • .asia 2100 RUB/year23.1 $/year 21.21 €/year
  • .bet 3000 RUB/year33 $/year 30.3 €/year
  • .best 1900 RUB/year
  • .biz 2700 RUB/year29.7 $/year 27.27 €/year
  • .blog 3600 RUB/year39.6 $/year 36.36 €/year
  • .business 1299 RUB/year14.29 $/year 13.12 €/year
  • .bz 3700 RUB/year40.7 $/year 37.37 €/year
  • .ca 1900 RUB/year20.9 $/year 19.19 €/year
  • .cc 1700 RUB/year18.7 $/year 17.17 €/year
  • .cn 1500 RUB/year16.5 $/year 15.15 €/year
  • .co 3700 RUB/year40.7 $/year 37.37 €/year
  • 179 RUB/year1.97 $/year 1.81 €/year
  • .de 1500 RUB/year16.5 $/year 15.15 €/year
  • .desi 2500 RUB/year27.5 $/year 25.25 €/year
  • .es 1700 RUB/year18.7 $/year 17.17 €/year
  • .eu RUB/year $/year €/year
  • .fun 2100 RUB/year23.1 $/year 21.21 €/year
  • .futbol 1500 RUB/year16.5 $/year 15.15 €/year
  • .games 2300 RUB/year25.3 $/year 23.23 €/year
  • .gift 2100 RUB/year23.1 $/year 21.21 €/year
  • .gdn 1800 RUB/year19.8 $/year 18.18 €/year
  • .group 2500 RUB/year27.5 $/year 25.25 €/year
  • .in 1099 RUB/year12.09 $/year 11.1 €/year
  • .icu 1200 RUB/year13.2 $/year 12.12 €/year
  • .kim 2100 RUB/year23.1 $/year 21.21 €/year
  • .kitchen 4300 RUB/year47.3 $/year 43.43 €/year
  • .kz 1200 RUB/year13.2 $/year 12.12 €/year
  • .link 1400 RUB/year15.4 $/year 14.14 €/year
  • .ltd 2600 RUB/year28.6 $/year 26.26 €/year
  • .me 3200 RUB/year35.2 $/year 32.32 €/year
  • .mn 4900 RUB/year53.9 $/year 49.49 €/year
  • .nl 1400 RUB/year15.4 $/year 14.14 €/year
  • .one 1500 RUB/year16.5 $/year 15.15 €/year
  • .online 3400 RUB/year37.4 $/year 34.34 €/year
  • .ooo 2900 RUB/year31.9 $/year 29.29 €/year
  • .pet 2400 RUB/year26.4 $/year 24.24 €/year
  • .photo 2900 RUB/year31.9 $/year 29.29 €/year
  • .pictures 1600 RUB/year17.6 $/year 16.16 €/year
  • .promo 2400 RUB/year26.4 $/year 24.24 €/year
  • .pw 2300 RUB/year25.3 $/year 23.23 €/year
  • .tattoo 3900 RUB/year42.9 $/year 39.39 €/year
  • .top 1500 RUB/year16.5 $/year 15.15 €/year
  • .su 380 RUB/year4.18 $/year 3.84 €/year
  • .sx 3200 RUB/year35.2 $/year 32.32 €/year
  • .tel 1900 RUB/year20.9 $/year 19.19 €/year
  • .us 1500 RUB/year16.5 $/year 15.15 €/year
  • .vip 2300 RUB/year25.3 $/year 23.23 €/year
  • .wiki 2349 RUB/year25.84 $/year 23.73 €/year
  • .work 1500 RUB/year16.5 $/year 15.15 €/year
  • .xxx 8800 RUB/year96.8 $/year 88.88 €/year
  • .xyz 1900 RUB/year20.9 $/year 19.19 €/year

To find a domain name for the site, enter the name you are interested in in the search bar and click "Check". After that, the system will display information about the possibility to register a domain if it is not busy. Our selection will allow you to check if a particular domain is free if you enter it into the search bar.

To find a domain name for the site, enter the name you are interested in in the search bar and click "Check". After that, the system will display information about the possibility to register a domain if it is not busy. Our selection will allow you to check if a particular domain is free if you enter it into the search bar. We offer those services, the cost of which is much lower than that of our competitors.


Domain for the site

Domain name is the name of the site including numbers, letters, and it is also allowed to use the hyphen "-". Every site on the Internet has a unique domain name. offers cheap register a domain in the most popular zones: international, European and national (for example, register a .РФ and .RU domains). Anyone can register a domain (as a physical person, including an individual entrepreneur and a legal entity), it is enough to place an order for the purchase of a domain and pay for it. We also have a promotion for domain registration for free when buying hosting or сonstructor for the site. Registration is allowed for both a resident and a non-resident of the Russian Federation. Some country code domains can only be registered in the name of residents of the respective country. That's why before registering national domains (except for Russian ones), we recommend that you read the corresponding domain registration requirements.

Buy .РФ domain

National domains .РФ are very popular in Russia and more than 1 million domain names have already been registered, and more and more people choose national domains for their sites. Now the .РФ domain is in the top ten the most popular zones in Europe. The .РФ zone has become very popular due to its convenience and ease of use. Cyrillic domain .РФ is also popular among Russian Internet bloggers and online stores, because her sites in this domain zone are easier to promote in Yandex. Also, when writing the name of the site, there are no various confusions in contrast to the spelling of names in the Latin alphabet. National domain name avoids misrepresentation of company names. You can order cheap domain .РФ from us at the cheapest prices.

Buy .RU domain

The .RU domain is very popular not only in Russia but also in the world, it is very often registered in the CIS countries and Europe. He is the first Russian domain. Currently, the number of registered domains in the .RU zone consisted of over 5,000,000 and continues to grow. Thus, in terms of the number of registered domains, the .RU zone takes the 8th place in the world! Anyone can register a domain name in the .RU zone, as no resident, legal entities and individuals residing both on the territory of Russia and abroad.

Buy domain and hosting

Once you select a domain name and successfully register it, recommends purchasing a quality hosting. We use reliable equipment from world manufacturers, which meets the modern needs of site building. Inexpensive tariff plans for paid hosting by are perfectly balanced and suitable for both a small business card site and large Internet projects (online stores and online services). Therefore, you can order hosting and domain cheaply in our company on the all-inclusive system!

Buy com domain

Domains in the COM zone are very popular. A domain in the COM zone was originally created for commercial organizations, but later everyone was allowed to register it and it immediately became very popular in international web domain name space. In the .com zone, names in national names, the so-called IDN zones, can be used. A huge advantage of registering a COM domain is the ability to register immediately for 10 years. For COM domains, the option to hide personal data in WHOIS is available.

Domain name is a unique alphanumeric sequence denoting the name of the site and/or the usefound in the names of e-mail boxes. Domain name must begin and end with a Latin letter alphabet or number. Intermediate characters can be numbers, letters of the Latin alphabet, or a hyphen. For example, the domain name has three constituent parts called levels and separated dots:

net - 1st level domain name; - 2nd level domain name (second level domain in the net zone); - domain level 3 (third level domain in the zone).
In the email address domain name -

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on "Domain name registration for a site".

What is a domain?

Our regular addresses and domain names are similar, since the last user is found on the Internet. This is why the top line in the browser is called the address bar. Domain name is entered here to find the website you want.

If the domain name resembles an ordinary address, then the server hosting the site can be roughly compared to a building. When creating a website, you need to make sure that the domain name points to the required server. When you need to go to the site, it will be enough to enter the domain name and get a direct hit directly to the desired resource. Without a domain name, a visitor is required to enter The IP addresses (for example, of the server.

All sites that users visit on the Internet use domain names., for example, is a domain name. Facebook is the word that is the name of the site, is already a domain name.

Domain names differ in length and meaning, and any domain can be divided into parts: the first is the name of the resource as a label (for example, ""), the second is the top-level domain (for example, .рф). There are a large number of top level domains. From country codes (.rus or .org) to website destination or activity codes (government organizations - .gov, educational institutions - .edu).

There are over 330 million such domains already registered, but recently ICANN, which oversees the overall architecture of the entire domain name system, announced the need for a new type of domain name. For this reason, new core gTLD top-level extensions have been announced, from .clothing and .bike to .ventures and .guru. The colossal variety of domains that exist today, however, does not always facilitate the choice of domain names, making it difficult to find the correct and really suitable option for the user or his company. The choice of a domain should be taken seriously, the name which should be chosen immediately, that is, the first time, so as not to resort to changing it later.

How does the domain work?

When registering a domain name with accredited registrars (for example,, the user guarantees himself the right to use the domain for a certain period of time.

When the domain is registered, then it is sent to the server hosting the site. Attention should be paid to the fact that any changes made by him may require about 72 hours time for them to take effect. While this may seem like a strange fact, ISPs take some time to update their records.
The good news is that you can use your domain along with other available services, for example, with e-mail addresses. The base of your domain is available for creating subdomains (for example,, redirect settings. You can order a domain name (or several) and redirect them all to a single site.
It is possible to transfer a domain name, change the provider that serves it, as well as the hosting provider.

Why do you need a domain?

The need to purchase a domain is due to several reasons, among which there is the most significant one. This is having your own domain for branding. The brand being hosted looks very unprofessional own website at such an address as Web resources with their own domain name look more authoritative.

Your own domain name is much more than that. The reason people visit a site is because they have complete control over the site.

When using social networks or creating a resource on free blog providers, as well as when trying to make money on eBay or Amazon, the user is completely dependent on such resources. At changing the conditions of service or the disappearance of any services, the owner of the resource begins to feel problems. If the decision is made to register a domain, you should expect to rely on someone else will no longer be needed. The domain name will belong to only one user who has completed the registration. He will also have control over him and the right to manage.

Managing e-mail addresses that are associated with a domain is the task of which server the site is located on. The owner has ownership or sale rights, that is, with his own domain he can do absolutely whatever he sees fit.

The positions that search engines give out on the resulting pages depend on which domain is used. Older domains are given higher priority positions, which are mainly affected by citation index. This means that search engines determine the influence of the site, which is displayed based on the number and weight of links that redirect to your web resource. But when you own your domain, then the earned links will be given with all their value to another.

How to choose the best domain name for your site?

This question is quite difficult and does not have a specific answer. In the future, the development of events will not be important, domains will remain the property of the user.

First of all, you should check the domain with your checker. This is necessary to understand the availability of domain variants and their freedom in different domain zones. Samples start with the name of the company, or with the name of the blog. I was lucky to find a domain with a .com extension, so we can say that it is a great success. You can safely proceed to the registration procedure.

Unfortunately, the search process can be quite difficult as there are a large number of domains registered today. In the .com zone, a free domain for a word from a valid dictionary is found quite problematic. Here you can not do without the manifestation of a creative approach. Contact our domain checker for help, where domains check for availability in different zones and variants is available.

A domain name is good if it is easy to remember and pronounced. Many well-known companies use two words in domain names, the best examples are YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat. Users should try different combinations until a suitable and accessible name is found. Experts advise to start by checking the freedom of your domain name as a name user in social networks that are the most popular.
It should be registered immediately, even if it will not be used yet. Otherwise, you can be late and it will turn out to be the property of someone else.
One more reminder: you can register several domains by redirecting them later to one site that belongs to you. A convenient solution if you have any doubts about choosing an extension, for example, .py, .com, or another, on suspicion of possible spelling errors. Get creative!

How can I rename a domain if it is already registered?

After registering a domain name, you get it in your own possession for a certain period of time. These rights can be sold or transferred to others.

All you need to do is follow the same steps that the buyer did when purchasing their own first domain name, as well as sending the new name to their website.

After all, the duration of the use of your domain name increases its importance. Changing the domain name leads to the loss of the previously worked hard on the old name. Have to register a new domain with a new name.

How long is the domain registered for?

The minimum terms provided for domain registration is one year, however, they can be increased up to 3 years, if there is space. we cannot remain the owner of the domain name for longer periods.
We provide assistance to users in controlling the terms of domain registration by sending notifications by e-mail about the approaching terms of renewal of their domains. We set up automatic updates, and until the payment method remains valid and the domain name registration is automatically renewed at regular intervals.

Do I need to add www at the beginning of the domain?

The essence of the answer depends on the context from which the question is asked. When a checker checks a domain for availability, then you do not need to use www at the beginning of the domain.
When a domain URL is issued after purchase, the use of www is up to users' personal choice. It is necessary to follow the initially selected type of link in order to follow it in the future. Opening, for example, at both and, the site is considered, in fact, as different web resources.

More recently, all addresses on the Internet began to be entered with www, these letters were also present in various marketing products, such as brochures and business cards, posters and other materials. Worldwide network has reached such a huge size that if you do not write at the beginning of the www, it will be a relief for a multi-million user audience.

How to check availability of a domain?

It is best to start checking the domain when you have an initial list of names that are supposed to be for your own site. Strong feelings about the domain zone are not needed. First, just write the desired names for the resource so that the list is at hand, so it will be easier to check the domain for availability.

When searching for "vashsite", as a possible variant of the domain, the name is entered into the search field and "Check" is pressed. Upon receipt of the response "The domain is free!" you can go further registration.
You may receive an answer about the availability of this domain, but below it will be reported about its availability with other extensions, for example, .org or .net.

Interesting moments come next. The checker, along with checking the domain by the entered name, offers other options that are available. There are quite interesting alternatives that give new ideas that can be used as a suitable result.
The domain can be checked many times with different options, as far as the user's imagination is enough. And understand that immediately after choosing the right option, you need to start registering as soon as possible.

What do you need to register a domain with HostingRU?

We will immediately please you: registering a domain with us does not require any special requirements, which simply do not exist. We promote openness for everyone who comes to us!

When registering, we are interested in certain information to make sure that the user has all the necessary contact information that may be required if any inconsistencies arise. You also need a working way to pay for the domain.

At, domain registration and verification can be performed not only by our clients. Your registered domain may be redirected to hosting that you have with another provider. But the best and the most convenient option is to keep everything in one place. Therefore, our proposals include hosting and domain registration.

I already have a domain. Is it possible to transfer it to

Of course. It was mentioned earlier that the domain after registration belongs to the user, and not to the company providing this registration.

The domain name must meet certain requirements, of which there are very few.
If you are interested in the topic of domain transfer (transfer), you should go to a special page where we perform the domain transfer procedure. The beginning of action is simple, and further continuation procedures are also straightforward. Since we provide all the information to complete the registration started.

What is a TLD?

The ‘Top-level domain’ (abbreviated as TLD) is the top-level domain, the last part of the web address after the final period. It could be .com, .gov, .org, etc. The site cannot be without TLD. Each domain name has its own name tag (for example, and TLD (for example, .com).

The most remarkable characteristic of TLDs is that they contain some of the information about the site they point to. .Com is not taken into account, since initially it means ‘Commercial’, i.e. sites that are related to commerce.
Today it is used in different ways. Paying attention, you can find out that there are other examples pointing to sites: governments - .gov, education - .edu, organizations - .org.

TLDs can be categorized into generic domains (gTLDs) and country code domains (ccTLDs). Both categories are top-level.

What does ccTLD mean?

ccTLDs is an acronym for country code top-level domains, which are a subtype of TLDs. Countries are defined by these domains. Thanks to them, users and search engines become available information about the region for which a specific site is being created. Google, for example, has a common website,, but UK visitors can visit both and

What is a gTLD?

gTLDs are the most common top-level domains that have a general purpose. The high prevalence is explained by the fact that this type includes .com domains, of which there are more registered than all ccTLD domains.
Initially, the main gTLD domains included .com, .net, .org, .edu, .mil, and .gov, but the number of domains available in the gTLD category has been expanded. The gTLD has now also included .online, .xyz, .name domains.

How fast is domain registration?

Very little time is needed because the purchase is fast. Instant registration and quick activation of a domain name, after which you can use the domain in full.

How can I get a free domain? offers free domain name registration with hosting. Once you've used domain checkers to find the perfect match for your domain name, don't hesitate - you should subscribe today and receive it!
To learn more, follow the link on the page "Free Domain"

What if the selected domain name is taken?

When the domain name you want to buy is already taken, you can offer the best solution, which consists in looking for other options. You can add another word to the desired name or make a substitution of words. It is worth trying to find the desired name with other extensions, using ccTLD instead of .com.
There is also such an option as using a hyphen, for example, split into Care and caution is important to avoid confusion over a name that bears a resemblance to someone else.
Finding the best domain name requires creativity and at least a little skill. It often takes patience and a few tries. This procedure is normal. by the process. Important to remember: the correct and optimal domain name is always there, being nearby somewhere. You just need to look for and believe that the result will be achieved.

What is WWHOIS data hiding or what does privacy protection mean?

Privacy protection is also called WHOIS protection, which hides the personal data of the domain owner. When you enable this protection through a WHOIS lookup, they cannot be seen.
WHOIS is an international organization that stores and provides, upon request, domain and registrar information. Such data contains the time of registration and the expiration of the registration period, the user who registered, and the paths that the domains are directed to.
A request for a search by domain names in the WHOIS databases can be made to anyone, after that, having received the necessary information. Privacy protection refers to the optional settings. It can hide data if the user wishes to remain anonymous.
Not everyone needs WHOIS protection, however, when you start changing your name, address, phone number and e-mail, the name of the organization with data that does not identify you, such a service will be very necessary.

How are .com, .net, .org and .info different?

First you need to deal with the similarities: these are all gTLDs, that is, generic top-level domains that are available for public registration. Prior to registering the domain name you are looking for, by someone else, it can be obtained with different extensions.
Domains gTLDs are characterized by their value, therefore it is advisable to choose the most suitable for the site's activities.
The .com domain is intended for commercial purposes, such as online shopping or business, but it is increasingly being used for general use with a certain degree of trust. The .net domain was intended originally for network companies, Internet service providers. Today, their scope of use has been significantly expanded.
The .org domain continues to be widely used. Originally intended as a gTLD for charities, communities and local organizations. .Info extension is the best option for informational websites such as wikis and manual resources.
There is a certain freedom in actions to conduct operations with gTLDs. There are no rules indicating the need to use such domains or others, just as there are no checks, required for registration of a domain.
Descriptions should be perceived as recommendations, and not some kind of norms and rules.

What is the difference between domain and hosting?

Mogu domain namest be perceived as analogs of residential addresses, and hosting - places of residence, at home. To give life to the site, you need to purchase a domain through which it will be found, as well as hosting used to store site files.
Domains and hosts are related to each other, the way computers and programs are related.
Of course, they can exist apart, but their work will be more effective in conjunction. For this reason, many hosting providers offer domain name registration, and registrars offer hosting services.
You shouldn't be scattered about buying domains and hosting from different vendors. It is better not to complicate your life, and use the offers of one company.