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Register a domain in the zonePROMO

Domain registration only for 2400 RUB27.12 $24.72 €

Unusual zone for your projects

Do you need an unusual and memorable website address for a future project? Have you already tried everything in RU, RF, COM and other zones? Then we recommend that you register a domain in the PROMO zone, one of the most unusual among all the other zones. There are still a huge number of options left here that can be spelled out in Latin and reflect the essence of your project in the name. By itself, the PROMO prefix offers various options, for example, advertising campaigns, services, including narrowly targeted ones. In fact, here you can pick up many options, no matter what type of activity you are engaged in. If your main goal is to offer a client some services or goods, then you definitely need to buy a domain in the PROMO zone, and it is best to do this in our service in order to save your money.

Domain for any site

Your company does not have to be engaged in advertising in order to better approach domain registration in the PROMO zone. Create cool videos on the Internet and post some of them to show your skill? This is a promotion. Selling products at a discount? This is a promotion. Do you deliver flowers and invite new customers? This is also a promotion. In any business, you can use similar promotions, and in order to better show customers that you have a large selection of goods or services, high-quality service, you can choose and buy a domain in the PROMO zone, which will clearly tell about you and your activities.

Affordable price for everyone

In our service, you can register a domain in the PROMO zone at the best price, for 1499 rubles per year, which is relatively small compared to other registrars. We invite you to take advantage of this offer right now and get at your disposal one of the most versatile and attractive domains in the international zone. Perfectly indexed by search engines, a large selection of free names, an attractive domain zone. What else do you need at the start for your business if you decide to get tightly connected to the network and develop your direction?

Domain registration for 1 year2400 RUB27.12 $24.72 €

For whom?

  • Startups and various services
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Online Stores
  • Private companies

Register domain in PROMO zone

Already have a website? Register a middle name in the PROMO zone

  • Large selection of domain names
  • Target audience growth
  • Causes extra attention