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VPS/VDS servers

Reliable and inexpensive VPS hosting from 3.89 $/month. Powerful servers in a reliable data center. Free installation and protection against DDoS attacks. Technical support 24/7 with a reaction of 5 minutes. Our data centers are located in Moscow and provide stable and trouble-free operation of equipment.
VPS (Virtual Private Server) - a virtual server, ideal for projects that lack the resources of regular virtual hosting, but at the same time switching to dedicated server is not justified yet. Using the VPS service allows you to get a separate virtual server with full rights and access.
Virtual dedicated servers from our company enjoy well-deserved popularity.

Prices for VPS hosting


RUB/month $/month €/month

1 core

1 GB memory


Any OS

16 extras addresses



RUB/month $/month €/month

2 cores

2 GB memory


Any OS

64 extra addresses



RUB/month $/month €/month

4 cores

4 GB memory


Any OS

128 extra addresses



RUB/month $/month €/month

6 core

8 GB memory

110 GB SSD

Any OS

255 extra addresses


Free with every VDS and VPS server 1 dedicated IP address Test period for legal entities persons Full SSH access Install OS of your choice ISPmanager 5 Lite for 1 month
  • Operating Systems
  • Debian Free
  • FreeBSD Free
  • Ubuntu Free
  • CentOS Free
  • Windows 2012 425-1250 RUB/month $6.6-19.42/month €6.08-17.89/month
  • Windows 2016 425-1250 RUB/month $6.6-19.42/month €6.08-17.89/month
  • Paid Services
  • Additional IPv4 IP addresses 120 RUB/month $1.60/month €1.40/month
  • Additional IPv6 IP addresses 10 RUB/month $0.13/month €0.12/month
  • Processor (per 1 core) 120 RUB/month $1.60/month €1.40/month
  • Memory (for 1 GB) 120 RUB/month $1.60/month €1.40/month
  • Disk (for 1 GB) 15 RUB/month $0.20/month €0.17/month
  • Anti-virus for websites (panel add-on) 375 RUB/month $5.83/month €5.37/month
  • Disk for backups (for 1 GB) 3 RUB/month $0.05/month €0.04/month
  • Server Administration 450 RUB/month $6.99/month €6.44/month
  • DDoS protection 250 RUB/month $3.88/month €3.58/month
  • SQL Server Web Edition 2016 R2 Core License 750 RUB/month/2 cores (minimum 4 cores) $11.65/month/2 cores (minimum 4 cores) €10.73/month/2 cores (minimum 4 cores)


Full access to the operating system (root rights), which allows you to install any programs.

You can run programs - "daemons"

Guaranteed system resources (RAM)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the topic "Renting a virtual server VPS VDS."

What is a VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server, virtual dedicated server) is a modern hosting technology that combines the power of a dedicated server with flexibility and ease of management. An analogue of VPS is the usual dedicated server, located on the technological site of the hosting provider and connected to the Ethernet switch port.

How long will the service be activated?

VPS is created in 5-10 minutes - after that you can immediately start setting up and using it.

Can I upgrade or downgrade a live server?

You can upgrade your plan or buy more disk space without changing your plan. To downgrade your plan, contact support.

Is there a trial period?

VPS rental does not include a free trial period, but if the service is deleted, you will receive funds for unused time in multiples of days. The refund for the ISPmanager license and IP address is proportional to the number of remaining whole months.