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Information about datacenters

Striving to provide the highest quality service, we pay special attention to the choice of a data center. After all, only high-quality service can win the trust of our customers. We do not save on equipment and work exclusively with world leaders in this industry, such as Leaseweb, Hetzner, Pulsant (formerly Bluesquare) and Softlayer.

So, we provide server rental services in the following datacenters:


Data Center is a specially designated place for placing server and communication equipment with sufficient electrical power and high-speed Internet connection, designed to provide users with continuous round-the-clock access to any Internet resource. In Russian terminology, a data center is called a data storage and processing center (DPC), or a data processing center (DPC).

All data centers in which we host servers, both those that we rent and those that run our virtual servers and virtual hosting, equipped with a modern N+1 fault tolerance system, which ensures service availability in case of failure of some components for due to the duplication of some components. Data centers are equipped with a modern fire extinguishing system, a modern cooling system, spare diesel generators capable of providing power to the entire data center for several days, and increased, or even more appropriate, paranoid security, which ensures access to servers only to trusted employees with the appropriate access level.

We cannot promise you mountains of gold, However, we can confidently declare that we will do everything to make your projects available:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year