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Domain renewal fees

For our clients, we offer the cheapest prices for domain renewals. By registering a domain with us, we guarantee the lowest prices for subsequent domain renewals.All domains are registered in the name of the client,We offer to buy a domain from us at the lowest prices. Only with us you can register a domain for cheap!If there is a desire to buy a ru domain or to carry out such a procedure as registering ru domains, then it is more expedient to pay attention to our website, where we will offer you a lot of options for realizing your desires regarding the start of your activity on the Internet.

Domain renewal price:

  • .ru249 RUB/year4.12 $/year3.79 €/year
  • .рф249 RUB/year4.12 $/year3.79 €/year
  • .ws2449 RUB/year60.38 $/year55.54 €/year
  • .com1400 RUB/year34.51 $/year31.75 €/year
  • .org1299 RUB/year32.02 $/year29.46 €/year
  • .net1299 RUB/year32.02 $/year29.46 €/year
  • .name1099 RUB/year27.09 $/year24.92 €/year
  • .info1899 RUB/year46.82 $/year43.07 €/year
  • .mobi2490 RUB/year61.39 $/year56.47 €/year
  • .tv3299 RUB/year81.33 $/year74.82 €/year
  • .pro2199 RUB/year54.21 $/year49.87 €/year
  • .moscow405 RUB/year9.98 $/year{%pricelist .312.price.12.renew.eur%}€/year
  • .москва405 RUB/year9.98 $/year9.19 €/year
  • .рус729 RUB/year5.15 $/year4.74 €/year
  • .eu899 RUB/year22.16 $/year20.39 €/year
  • .us1049 RUB/year25.86 $/year23.79 €/year
  • .biz1500 RUB/year36.98 $/year34.02 €/year
  • .tel1449 RUB/year35.72 $/year32.86 €/year
  • .su480 RUB/year9.37 $/year8.62 €/year
  • .asia1300 RUB/year32.05 $/year29.48 €/year
  • .in1099 RUB/year27.09 $/year24.92 €/year
  • .bz2600 RUB/year64.10 $/year58.97 €/year
  • .cc1090 RUB/year{%pricelist.183.price.12.renew.dol %}$/year24.72 €/year
  • .me2799 RUB/year69 $/year63.48 €/year
  • .mn4400 RUB/year108.47 $/year99.79 €/year
  • .co2300 RUB/year56.70 $/year52.16 €/year
  • .ca1350 RUB/year33.28 $/year30.62 €/year
  • .de890 RUB/year21.94 $/year20.18 €/year
  • .xxx8299 RUB/year204.60 $/year188.22 €/year
  • .sx2699 RUB/year66.54 $/year61.21 €/year
  • .pw1799 RUB/year44.35 $/year40.80 €/year
  • .cn899 RUB/year22.16 $/year20.39 €/year
  • .nl899 RUB/year22.16 $/year20.39 €/year
  • .kz1100 RUB/year29.58 $/year27.22 €/year
  • .art1550 RUB/year38.21 $/year35.15 €/year
  • .bet1900 RUB/year46.84 $/year43.09 €/year
  • .best1900 RUB/year
  • .kim1599 RUB/year39.42 $/year36.26 €/year
  • .icu849 RUB/year20.93 $/year19.26 €/year
  • .kitchen3899 RUB/year96.12 $/year88.43 €/year
  • .link1049 RUB/year25.86 $/year23.79 €/year
  • .tattoo3499 RUB/year86.26 $/year79.36 €/year
  • .wiki2349 RUB/year57.91 $/year53.27 €/year
  • .photo2399 RUB/year59.14 $/year54.41 €/year
  • .fun1690 RUB/year41.66 $/year38.33 €/year
  • .games1790 RUB/year44.13 $/year 40.60 €/year
  • .es890 RUB/year21.94 $/year{%pricelist .249.price.12.renew.eur%}€/year
  •{%pricelist.251.price.12.renew.rub%}RUB/year4.41 $/year4.06 €/year
  • .blog2400 RUB/year59.17 $/year54.43 €/year
  • .business950 RUB/year23.42 $/year21.55 €/year
  • .desi1399 RUB/year34.49 $/year31.73 €/year
  • .futbol1099 RUB/year27.09 $/year24.92 €/year
  • .gift1600 RUB/year39.45 $/year36.29 €/year
  • .gdn1399 RUB/year34.49 $/year31.73 €/year
  • .group2199 RUB/year54.21 $/year{%pricelist .653.price.12.renew.eur%}€/year
  • .ltd2199 RUB/year54.21 $/year49.87 €/year
  • .one1099 RUB/year27.09 $/year24.92 €/year
  • .ooo2599 RUB/year64.07 $/year58.94 €/year
  • .online2999 RUB/year73.94 $/year68.02 €/year
  • .pet1899 RUB/year46.82 $/year43.07 €/year
  • .pictures1199 RUB/year29.56 $/year27.19 €/year
  • .promo1899 RUB/year46.82 $/year43.07 €/year
  • .top1099 RUB/year27.09 $/year24.92 €/year
  • .vip1799 RUB/year44.35 $/year40.80 €/year
  • .work1049 RUB/year25.86 $/year23.79 €/year
  • .xyz1369 RUB/year33.75 $/year31.05 €/year

You can cheaply renew your RU or RF domain in your personal account. To renew the service, go to your personal account, open the Products-Domains menu, select a domain and click the Renew button.