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Tariffs for unlimited hosting

Fast shared hosting. Powerful servers in a reliable data center. Free installation and protection against DDoS attacks. 24/7 technical support with 5 minutes response.

First site hosting


Unlimited FTP,mailboxes - unlimited! Unlimited traffic!

1 site 1 site/2 bases/1 subdomain

25% Core Processor

0.5 GB DDR4 memory

Archiving (backup):
Daily Every day we make an archive copy of the site to a remote server

Control Panel:

149 rub.4.80$4.71€149 rub.4.80$4.71€ for 1 month

1609 rub.51.86$50.88€1609 rub.51.86$50.88€ for 1 year - 10%


Test period 3-15 days

without payment and entering card data

Secondsite hosting


Unlimited for EVERYTHING! FTP, databases, sites, domains, subdomains, mailboxes - unlimited! Unlimited traffic!

Processor 35% core

0.5 GB DDR4 memory

Archiving (backup):
Daily Every day we make an archive copy of the site to a remote server

Control Panel:

236 rub.7.61$7.46€236 rub.7.61$7.46€ for 1 month

2832 rub.91.28$89.55€2832 rub.91.28$89.55€ for 1 year - 10%


Test period 3-15 days

without payment and entering card data

Thirdsite hosting


Unlimited for EVERYTHING! FTP, databases, sites, domains, subdomains, mailboxes - unlimited! Unlimited traffic!

Processor 50% Core

1GB DDR4 Memory

Archiving (backup):
Daily Every day we make an archive copy of the site to a remote server

Control Panel:

321 rub.10.35$10.15€321 rub.10.35$10.15€ for 1 month

3852 rub.124.16$121.81€3852 rub.124.16$121.81€ for 1 year - 10%


Test period 3-15 days

without payment and entering card data

Free Hosting Test

CpanelISPManager Panel

Rates include:

SSL Certificate
Available on all tariffs
Domain .RU, .РФ, . РУС
free *
Depends on the hosting plan
30 days
Money Back Guarantee
free on all tariffs
1-click CMS
Installing more than 310 applications
on tariffs "Unlimited, CMS, Premium"
Technical support
We are always ready to help you
website transfer
When ordering hosting
Domain Transfer
from registrars R01, REGRU, Webnames
Hosting Earnings

Hosting Key Features

  • Disk space for mailLimited by disk size at the tariff
  • Number of sites/domainsAccording to tariff plan
  • Number of MySQL databasesEqual to the number of sites on the tariff
  • Control PanelCpanel, ISPManager
  • Connection (bandwidth)1 Gb/s
  • PHP5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
  • SSH accessOn tariffs "Unlimited, CMS, Premium"
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail protocols
  • Web interface for reading mail
  • Mail and Domain Forwarding Support
  • Mailing Lists, Autoresponders and Antispam
  • Select PHP modules
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Managing DNS records
  • File Manager
  • Support for all popular CMS
  • SitesUnlimited
  • DomainsUnlimited
  • Disk spaceUnlimited
  • MySQL DatabasesUnlimited
  • TrafficUnlimited
  • PHP5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
  • MySQLMariaDB 10.3 (Cpanel, ISPManager),MySQL 5.5/5.6/5.7/8.0 (ISPManager)
  • CloudLinux
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Zend Guard,ionCube
  • HTTP/2
  • CPUIntel® Xeon® E5
  • StorageSSD Datacenter Edition
  • Bandwidth1 Gbit/s
  • Daily backups
  • Security & Firewall
  • ClamAV
  • CloudLinux
  • Tier III data center
  • UpTime99.98%

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Benefits of shared hosting services from Hostingru

shared hosting

Free domain

Free domain and site transfer

CPanel or ISPManager hosting

Hosting panel to choose from: Cpanel or ISPManager.

Trusted hosting provider

We have been working since 2007

Quality technical support

Technical support will always help

PHP Hosting

Simple PHP 5.4-8.1 change in the hosting panel

We will help with site installation

Favorable website hosting solutions from Hostingru

Website hosting is a service that rents out part of the server's system resources and allows you to host your website, web application or other content on them.
In, everyone can buy virtual hosting for a website, which ensures its continuous operation on the Internet.
The task of choosing a reliable hoster is very important, since hosting is the foundation for creating websites and starting any online systems. Placing the files and databases of your project on a web server, the hosting provider is responsible for the safety of the client's data.

Unlike free services, quality paid web hosting provides guaranteed access to client sites with a large number of visitors without any advertising. offers shared web-hosting at low prices with a large selection of tariff plans. It is not so important whether you want to create a business card site or an online store - with us you can always choose the right hosting tariff.
The price of the cheapest tariff "First" is 4.80 $ per month. If you order hosting for a longer period, you will receive a discount.

Inexpensive web hosting is a great start to building your own website for beginners. When developing your project, you will need a more powerful hosting plan with PHP and MySQL support, and you can easily change the plan from your personal account.
Web hosting specifications include high performance SSD RAID, Linux CloudLinux.

Web hosting

Features of virtual hosting from HOSTINGRU.NET

Hosting for the site

Quality Assurance

Our hosting plans provide maximum boost performance at a fairly low price.

site hosting

Site DDOS protection

Our servers automatically protect all client sites from common DDOS attacks.

virtual hosting for the site

Hassle-Free Money Back

Unlike other hosting services, it is easier for us to make a refund.

Hosting rates

Ideal Hosting Discounts gives all customers profitable promotions and discounts on services.

shared hosting services

Long-term storage of archives

We archive customer accounts and store data for 2 months!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on "Web Hosting for a Site".

How can I choose a hosting plan?

You need to focus on the needs of your project and the requirements for hosting. First, you need to choose a plan with a suitable amount of disk space, the number of domains and databases.

I need powerful hosting, but I can't configure VPS servers myself. How to be?

In this case, we have special Premium hosting plans that are suitable for e-commerce, large forums and any CMS.

What is web site hosting?

Any site you visit has a domain and hosting. To understand all this is simple if you imagine that hosting means the house you use to live, and the domain name means the address of its location.
When you enter the World Wide Web and enter the URL (for example,, your browser, in fact, sends a request to the specified domain name (in this case, to to find out the location of the web resource. After that, the content that you store is loaded, which is carried out by the browser.

Hosting refers to the actual process that uses the service required to host various sites. Hosting sites on the modern market is presented in all kinds of forms.Hostingru, along with most web hosts, can currently provide various tariffs, among which customers can choose to use and pay for the services they need and are the best options. More popular and promoted sites require more resources to operate effectively.

Good news for our users: the capacity building at Hostingru is very simple. It is enough to change the tariff plan when there is a need for such an extension.

How does site hosting work?

The site, which you own, consists mainly of a set of files and a database, in a certain form presented to your visitors when they visit the resource and view it. Hostingru is about getting the space you need to store a website with a database directly. After registering for Hostingru, you become the owner of the administrative panel of your hosting account, access to which is given to you immediately.

The hosting control panel provided by Hostingru is distinguished by its convenience and functionality, as well as simplicity, which does not cause any problems during use. Her help is extremely important for you in the matter of performing basic management of your hosting account, controlling resources and their use, creating an e-mail address, installing a content management system, for example, Joomla or WordPress. It should be borne in mind that the hosting control panel and the administration panel for the site mean two completely different panels. The first is the admin panel used for your entire server, and the second is created during the CMS installation process.

What types of hosting services are there?

The most different types of hosting are available to the modern user. Their differences are in size, equipment, settings for different webmastering tasks. Hosting types can be divided into the following categories:

Shared Hosting (Shared Hosting): This is the cheapest type of hosting that provides the most economical use of server hardware. Virtual hosting is a hosting in which different websites are hosted on 1 server, and for each of them a set amount of space on disks and other resources is allocated. It is most suitable for those users who are just starting their virtual activity, that is, amateurs and bloggers, persons whose requests are not yet so high.
VPS Hosting (stands for virtual private server): is a virtual private server that can be compared to shared hosting, but is more powerful. VPS servers are usually distinguished by the use of more powerful hardware and the availability of more settings. Many sites are hosted on one physical server, and for each there is software virtualization that allows them to function independently of each other and give the impression of being hosted on various dedicated mini-servers.

Dedicated (Dedicated Hosting): This hosting is an excellent choice for true professionals. Already from the name itself, you can get an idea that the server is used as a dedicated one for one site. Simply put, the main difference from virtual hosting and VPS is the fact that the owner does not need to share resources and disk with someone else, since the physical part of the "hardware" is allocated only to him.

Cloud (Cloud hosting): cloud hosting provides webmasters with There is the possibility of gaining access to a large server-bank, in which everything is interconnected and designed in such a way that it is possible to replace, if necessary, one with another. In other words, when you need to have more resources, cloud hosting is usually the best solution for achieving 100 percent uptime. At the same time, you should not worry about the amount of payment for this service. Hostingru guarantees services in a combination of cloud and shared hosting. Thanks to this, the required speed of website hosting is provided at an affordable cost.

Do I need special technical knowledge to use Hostingru website hosting?

Technical knowledge is completely optional for these purposes! Hostingru provides everything in a way that makes it easy for a beginner to understand. We provide opportunities for the collection of basic knowledge, as well as provide all kinds of directions for development. Numerous routine tasks, for example, installing a content management system (CMS) or setting up an e-mail address, can be done in a few clicks without requiring any special technical knowledge.

Such perfection, providing easy starts and further movement to newbies, does not mean at all that the hosting packages we provide are not suitable for advanced developers. On the contrary, all this does not prevent them from being powerful and practical at the same time.
If you have any difficulties with solving a problem, when you cannot cope with our online guides on your own, you can always contact us for help. Our team is always in touch and is ready to solve all problems together with you.
Our clients for the most part do an excellent job with the tasks, without requiring additional help in starting up on hosting, since the procedure is simple, like registering a profile on any social network.

How long does it take to create a hosting account on Hostingru?

The smallest thing we are proud of. The account is created instantly. As a result, any newly arrived client immediately and without delay starts full-fledged work. When registering, you must follow the account creation process and you will quickly be ready to sign in and set up your own hosting account.

Will I get my domain name for free?

The answer is yes. We are always ready to meet the client and his convenience in this matter, and therefore we offer the domain name for free. You only need to buy hosting for a year. In the modern market, our prices are distinguished by favorable levels and the absence of spending a fortune.

Is it possible to transfer a site to Hostingru?

Such a procedure is always welcomed by us. Our support service makes website transfer to hosting absolutely free!

How is paid hosting different from free hosting?

When using free hosting, providers are relieved of responsibility for the actual performance of the resource. In this case, the safety of data is not guaranteed. Free servers are available to host a huge variety of projects. This greatly reduces the speed of access to website pages. Paid hosting is confidence in the stability and security of your own files.

Can I buy hosting without a domain?

Absolutely, you can do it. You can buy a domain and hosting from any provider, but you should direct the domain to your own server on Hostingru. The decision to conveniently host a domain and a website with one provider is correct, convenient and practical. If you purchased your domain elsewhere, you can transfer its domain to Hostingru. Contact us and report such a decision!