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DNS hosting

DNS Hosting Hosting for domains

For each domain

RUB $ for 1 year


The quality of DNS servers is important as is the quality of shared hosting

DNS hosting quality

DNS hosting quality

Our DNS hosting provides fast processing of requests to DNS records.

Multiple DNS servers

Multiple DNS Servers

Locations of our DNS servers in different countries increase resiliency

Traffic balancing

Traffic balancing

DNS queries are answered simultaneously by several servers, if one of them fails, the rest will continue to work.

Hosting rates

Reliable hardware

Servers are located on modern equipment from world manufacturers.

shared hosting services

Online editor of DNS zones

We use a convenient and simple editor for DNS zones.

What is DNS?

Servers, computers and other network the equipment does not have names on the Internet, data between them is transmitted via IP addresses (numeric addresses like, but it is possible for a person to memorize combinations of numbers. Therefore, to make it easier to remember site addresses, the Domain Name System (DNS) was invented. It converts the domain name into an IP address for accessing the server.

What is a DNS server?

A DNS server is a server that runs a dedicated service. It stores tables of DNS records in the form: "domain name" - "IP address", so-called records of type "A", for example:
Domain Server IP Address
Now the DNS system also contains other resource DNS records: “MX”, “TXT”, “CNAME”, etc. They are necessary for the domain to work as a website address, mail address and many other services.

Why register DNS servers for a domain?

In the absence of information about the domain on DNS servers, the work of the site and mail will not be possible.DNS servers are registered for the domain in pairs, this is done to increase fault tolerance.If one server goes out, it will not affect the operation of the site.