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Cyrillic domain converter. Punycode converter for .рф, .рус, .москва domains.

This service was conceived by us to give full information about Cyrillic domains in Latin letters, about how they really look. This knowledge is necessary not only for programs and services. The true face of the domain can be obtained immediately after the domain name is entered in a special field, for example, я.рф.

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FAQ punycode converting domains

How to add a Cyrillic РФ, РУС, МОСКВА domain to CPANEL

We have detailed instructions for adding Cyrillic РФ, РУС, МОСКВА domains to CPANEL at link.

Which domains can be converted to punycode converter?

Converter .ею, .москва, .онлайн, .орг, .ком, .рф, .католик, .сайт, .дети, .рус and any other national domain names of other countries of the world.

Is the Punycode converter suitable for any national IDN domains?

Yes, it can be used not only to convert national Russian domains but also other countries.

What is Punycode and why convert Cyrillic domains of .рф, .рус, .москва, etc.?

Punycode is a method for converting characters that belong to the Unicode standard. The resulting sequence of characters after conversion will contain only ASCII characters,these are 26 letters (a-z) from the Latin alphabet, numbers (0-9) and a hyphen (37 characters in total).

IDN domains are domains consisting of characters from national alphabets. Hosting providers, many Internet services or CMS (content management systems) use software that does not support IDN domain representation.This applies, in particular, to such a popular hosting control panel as C-Panel, which requires the use of domain names that have been converted to Punycode.When entering a Cyrillic domain, CPanel in the hosting settings will display an error message "That is not a valid domain". Conversion to Punycode saves configuration errors.

Punycode: what is it?

Punycode is a Unicode character conversion to a format that is supported by the DNS infrastructure. The transformation algorithm in the RFC 3492 standard is described.

Already at the dawn of the development of the world wide Internet, in the seventies of the last century, the idea of ​​using symbols from national alphabets in domain names appeared. This step is intended to be part of the internationalization of the network.At that time, the corresponding technologies had not yet been developed, and therefore the allowed characters when registering a domain name in the DNS (Domain Name System) were limited to ASCII characters. These are letters a-z from the Latin alphabet, numbers 0-9 and a hyphen symbol.For a subset of ASCII characters, usually the notation "LDH" or "LDH code" (an abbreviation formed by the words: "letter", "number" and "hyphen") is used.

The number of users using languages ​​based on alphabets that differ from Latin is constantly increasing. Thus, a considerable number of users have problems, the reasons for which lie in the recognition and input by the ASCII character.A domain name made up of characters from any national alphabet has obvious advantages when a company enters the local market or targets a non-English-speaking audience of the Internet, as well as organizes local promotions and companies.ICANN is particularly attentive to the development of domains containing characters from national alphabets or IDN domains (an abbreviation for Internationalized Domain Names).

Special standards designed to solve the problem of supporting national alphabets in domain names were prepared only in 2003. They are called IDNA, which stands for Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications,what in Russian means Internationalized Domain Names for Applications,These standards describe the technology for the use of symbols. not included in the ASCII table in domain names. RFC 3492 is used to describe a special character conversion - Punycode.This allows converting Unicode character sets (including national alphabets) into a set that is supported by the existing DNS.

In order to avoid confusing IDN domains with regular domains after transformations, a special prefix "XN--" is used for all of them.

For example, an IDN domain with Cyrillic name "САЙТ.COM" after Punycode conversion becomes "XN-80ASWG.COM", since the "САЙТ" characters will be converted to "80ASWG".

In Runet, users who were the first to have the opportunity to register their projects with IDN domains located in the Cyrillic zone .РФ, use in it, Punycode transformations are applied not only to domain names, but also to the zone itself (.РФ - top-level domain).DNS aliases for .РФ domains represent a combination in "XN - P1AI". For the Cyrillic domain "МойСайт.РФ" after the Punycode transformations, the following name will be given "XN-80ARBJKTJ.XN-P1AI".

Support for IDN domains will be available if the user is using a browser that supports Punycode conversion. Today, the latest versions of popular browsers used by users have such support.When the browser does not have such support for Punycode, or if you need to get the domain name in "real representation", special web services can be used that can Punycode-transform domain names that are entered by users.