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Terms of service.

Technical restrictions on hosting usage

Hosting restrictions:

1) It is forbidden to create processes on the server that will take more than 512 MB of RAM;
2) It is forbidden to create processes on the server that will require more than 30 seconds of continuous processor operation for their execution;
3) It is forbidden to run more than 3 simultaneous processes;
4) for owners of all hosting plans, it is not recommended to set tasks with a frequency of more than 1 time in 15 minutes;
5) it is not recommended to use caching on the server disk (if the cache size is more than 100MB, the use of caching on the server disk is completely prohibited);
6) it is forbidden to start processes that constantly hang in memory (including IRC daemons in any form);
7) it is forbidden to create any load on the server more than 5% on average per day;
8) it is forbidden to use hosting for hosting sites:
- search engines, such as searching for music, files, etc .;
- ICQ bots;
- Telegram, vk and any other bots;
- TDS and other scripts generating/distributing traffic;
- phishing sites;
- torrents and other online services that create an increased load on the server;
- scripts and chat modules;
- active advertising systems;
- mailing systems;
- casino;
- sites about drugs and smoking mixtures;
- porn sites;
- alcohol stores;
- doorways;
- any sites that violate the laws of the Russian Federation and the EU.

If the recommended hosting limits are significantly exceeded, your site will be disabled so as not to create critical interference with other hosting clients.

The site can be enabled after agreeing on the reasons for the disconnection with the administrator and correcting the situation.

In case of repeated (multiple) significant violations of hosting restrictions, the hosting administration reserves the right to charge an additional $ 10 fee for turning on the site.

Technical support

We try to make your work with hosting technical support the most productive, efficient and enjoyable, as well as save our total time.

When making inquiries, be sure to provide your order number and tariff plan.

In case of a technical problem, indicate its description, and what actions to take, provide access data to the cPanel website control panel.

For financial issues, add access data (login and password) to the account control panel (Billing Panel).

E-Mail and Ticket system *. Basic communication methods. Issues of any importance and complexity are resolved via e-mail and a ticket of the system.

ICQ **. Introduced in order to quickly answer single questions that do not require any additional actions, and appears only when the status is "Online".
Disturb when the status is "Busy", "Do not Disturb", etc. forbidden.
Don't write sentences like "How are you?", "May I have a question?", "Hello, are you there?" etc., go straight to business, turn off the SPAM message filter.

* As a rule, the time of our response by e-mail and the system ticket does not exceed 12 hours. Sending letters to several e-mail addresses at once or creating multiple tickets with the same question, as well as duplicating texts in ICQ is a chance to remain unanswered.
** Problem solving via ICQ is not guaranteed.

Don't ask questions like "why", "why", etc. if you are asked to do something. The answer is simple: "this is how it should be."

Paid Services

Installing and/or configuring scripts, servers, etc. etc. produced by the client himself, unless otherwise agreed.

Non-standard technical support, including the installation or configuration of the above, including additional modules or programs that are not part of the usual server software;personal account setting for "exotic" scripts;work on the server related to the activities of the client, etc., is carried out for additional a fee of 500 rubles for every 30 minutes.

Recovering a hosting that was deleted for not repairing.

Unpaid hosting services are completely deleted after being blocked for 10 days.
Restoration of deleted services (provided this is possible) is possible only when replenishing the balance in the amount necessary to pay for archiving storage, but not less than 500 (depends on the tariff plan). All funds are credited to the balance and the service is renewed from the date of deletion.

First, you need to clarify the possibility of restoring the service with technical support in your personal account.
The amount of debt for storing data in the amount of a monthly tariff plan is deducted from this amount, and the service is renewed for the remainder.
The restoration is done at the rate at which the previously existed account.

Hosting provides web hosting for general sites.

On the servers of, it is prohibited to place resources of the following type: warez, scam, active advertising systems (ATS), child pornography, drug propaganda, sites calling for suicide, and in particular any other resources that violate Russian law!

Violation of the rules will result in immediate deletion of accounts, without refund of backups and money!


Refunds are made within 7 days from the moment the client's account is closed.

No refunds will be made to owners of accounts violating the hosting rules.

No refunds is made for orders of dedicated servers and VPS.

Refunds are not made for orders of registration of domain names.

If the service is not renewed before the end of the billing period, we reserve the right to block the account or delete the service.

Legal and organizational restrictions on hosting use

It is prohibited to use hosting for the following activities:

1) any activity that violates the current laws of Russia, the EU or the United States;
2) posting, mailing or distributing materials preaching violence or racial discrimination;
3) using a hosting to purchase or sale of any items for fraudulent purposes;
4) using the hosting for sending SPAM leads to immediate deletion of the account;
5) using the hosting for unauthorized access or attempts to unauthorized access to any objects on the Internet;
6) using hosting to collect personal information without the consent of its owners;
7) using hosting to disrupt the performance or attempts to disrupt the performance of any objects on the Internet;
8) spread of viruses;
9) use of hosting to host active advertising systems (ATS);
10) use of hosting to host doorways, trackers.

All cases of violation of the specified agreement You can send your responses in any of the ways that are convenient for you, listed on the feedback page.


1. It is impossible to cancel registration of the registered domain.
2. It is not possible to rename the name of the registered domain.
3. Funds for the registered domain name will not be returned.
4. The domain may not be registered if it is a premium domain. prices for these names start at 15,000 rubles. But it can only be registered at an agreed premium price.
Premium domains are found in new domain zones: .рус, .москва, etc.
5. Registration of free domains is possible only for new orders.

Refund Procedure

The company has developed and is applying in practice a procedure for refunding money paid for a web hosting service.

The refund procedure includes money back guarantees, namely money back guarantee for the first 30 days.

If a thirty-day period has not expired since the beginning of the User's account, the Provider undertakes to return 100% of the amount that was spent by the User to pay for the services provided by the Provider, minus the cost of registering a domain name if the domain name was presented to the User as a bonus when paying for a hosting account for 12 months.

This refund procedure is valid and applies to all web hosting plans, regardless of the type of payment made for them, the currency in which the payment was made and the chosen plamber period.

Fundamentals of refund:

1. All hosting cancellation requests must be made in writing only. You must provide a technically justified reason why you are canceling the hosting service. At the same time, the technical support service will take reasonable measures to resolve and resolve the situation in order to satisfy your requirements and wishes.
2. The amount to be refunded cannot be credited to the balance of any other hosting account if you have several hosting accounts open, but you have decided to cancel only one of them.
3. Refunds are made within five banking days from the date of submission of the application for cancellation of the web hosting service.
4. Refunds are made in the currency that you have chosen to pay for hosting services at the time of order.
5. Refunds will not be made if the rules are violated.
6. Refunds are made only for technical reasons.
7. Refunds are not made for customers who violate the rules.
8. Refunds are not made for clients using non-licensed scripts ("null", hacked, etc.).
9. The refund procedure excludes:
Refunds for domain registration, domain renewal, private domain registration service and domain name transfer to is not possible, re-registration or renewal of domain name registration (This condition is subject to ICANN policies and regulations.) The domain name is registered in your name and you are the sole owner of the domain for the period of time you choose.

10. A refund to the client is possible only to his electronic wallet Webmoney or Yandex money. When returning to bank cards, the transfer fee is paid by the client.
11. The registration of domain names / dedicated IP does not apply.
In addition, if you received a gift domain or a discounted domain when ordering hosting, its cost will be deducted from the refund amount according to the tariff plans for registration of domain names.
12. Refunds are made within 5 business days from the date of application through the billing panel.
13. Refunds are not made in case of using scripts: self-written, unknown, violating the rules, designed for a different version of the server software (php, mysql), etc.

The application must be made in the following form:

1. The technical reason for the refusal is indicated.
2. The script used is indicated.
3. The errors are indicated and shown (address of the page with errors).
4. The account for the return is indicated.

Applications that are not correctly completed will not be considered.

Applications that will not be considered:

1. The reasons are not technical.
2. The scripts used: self-written, unknown, designed for a different version of the server software (php, mysql), etc. reserves the right makes changes to this refund procedure without prior notice. It is your responsibility to promptly familiarize yourself with any changes to its terms and conditions.


The administration reserves the right to change and supplement these rules without prior notice. administration reserves the right to change prices for services without prior notification.