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When buying a hosting SSL certificate for free

Let's Encrypt Free SSL Certificate

In the modern world, sites allow not only to receive information, but also provide hundreds of different services, including the ability to pay for purchases on the Internet, transmit data via a secure communication channel, and protect against interception of confidential information. And all this is ensured thanks to SSL certificates.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are certificates for a secure data transfer protocol that improve security on the visited resource. Most sites in 2021 use SSL certificates to ensure the security of transmitted information, including when working with payment services.

All information is transmitted via a secure data transfer protocol (https), however, in order for it to function and transmit data in encrypted form, an SSL certificate must be present on the server where the site is located, a kind of electronic signature, which displays full information about the legal person, domain, certificate activity period, organization details. And in fact, SSL confirms that a given domain name belongs to a real company, and not to fraudsters, including the use of a certificate with a secret key.

The cost of SSL certificates varies from 399 rubles and can exceed 60,000 rubles, depending on the chosen company, however, at the initial stage, you can also choose a free option.

Why Choose Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate?

If you do not have the opportunity to buy an SSL certificate, you can use the free option in the face of Let’s Encrypt, which offers a secure connection to your site without any major changes to the server configuration. It is included in the official Debian distributions, so it is installed by default on many VDS and VPS servers and is available for ordering to all users. The main mission of the developers of this certificate is a smooth and accessible transition of most users and their projects to a secure connection, since Google, Mozilla Firefox and other browsers are going to soon refuse to support the standard http connection.

Save time Fast and clear procedure issuing and installing a certificate.
Strong protection High level of protection thanks to support of the main modern security standards on the Web, in particular a high level of encryption - 256 bit.
Wide support 99.6% browser support , gadgets and software - most user devices accept SSL certificate.
Versatility SSL goes beyond to the domain of the "" format, but also to the "
Ease of issuance Automate the issuance and renewal of the certificate , the certificate is automatically renewed in the hosting panel.
Easy management Direct certificate management via convenient hosting panel.

Other Free SSL Certificates

There are other options for free SSL certificates for your site, if the previous option did not suit you, for example Name, Cloudflare or Free SSL Space, but here you need to clarify whether there is support for this technology on the hosting or not. But there are a number of advantages to both options.

SSL Cloudflare

Free SSL Space

Why choose a paid SSL certificate?

You should understand that a free SSL certificate will never replace a paid option for you, especially when it comes to guarantees. If you buy SSL, the certification center is responsible for security and gives financial guarantees, where the amount of insurance payments in case of user data leakage is immediately agreed. At the same time, paid certificates, as a rule, are installed in a few clicks, do not require technical skills of work and systematic renewal (an even paid period is valid, for example, 1, 2 years).

How to get an SSL certificate

A free certificate can be obtained for domains in Latin and Cyrillic!
You already have hosting at HostingRU

Any user who already has hosting at HostingRU can get Let's Encrypt certificate in the hosting panel for free.

To get it, you just need to follow 2 simple steps:

1. Go to the hosting panel Cpanel or ISPManager.

2. Follow the instructions to install the free certificate:

Done! Your site address is secured! Seize the opportunity to protect yourself at no additional cost!

You have hosting, but it is not in HostingRU

To use the service as a gift, you need to transfer your hosting service to HostingRU.

Moving a site from another hosting is carried out by us absolutely free.

You don't have hosting yet, but want to register it

To get free hosting and SSL certificate, register a domain with HostingRU.

You want to buy a paid ssl certificate

You can order a cheap certificate for the site