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Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificate from Let's encrypt has all the advantages of paid, but it is free. Benefits of SSL Let's encrypt certificate:
- anyone can get it for their website;
- free;
- automatic installation in the hosting panel
- easy installation.

Attention! A free domain cannot be installed on a free third-level domain.

Installation of SSL Lets encrypt certificate is done very easily in a couple of clicks:

1. Log in to the Cpanel hosting panel from billing (or via the direct link https://domain_name:2083)

Login to Cpanel from your personal account:

Entering cpanel

2. In the "Security" section of Cpanel, follow the link "Lets encrypt SSL"

Lets encrypt SSL Cpanel

3. Opposite the required domain, click on the "Issue" link:

Free SSL installation

4. Check the box next to the domain name in Alias ​​Domain. If you want to install SSL for mail connection, also check the Install mail SMTPS/POP3S/IMAPS SSL certificate for your domain box. Click Issue:

SSL Lets free

5. Then you will see a message about the successful installation of the SSL certificate:

Install a free SSL certificate on the site

Now you can open the site via https!

SSL site