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Domain transfer from another registrar

We do an inexpensive domain transfer to our registrar panel. If you make a transfer, it will allow you to pay for it from the same panel with the hosting, and we also have the cheapest prices for protein domains.

Price of domain transfer from another registrar:

  • .ru250 RUB/year3.41 $/year3.14 €/year
  • .рф250 RUB/year3.41 $/year3.14 €/year
  • .ws2449 RUB/year33.36 $/year 30.76 €/year
  • .com1400 RUB/year19.07 $/year17.59 €/year
  • .org1299 RUB/year17.69 $/year16.32 €/year
  • .net1299 RUB/year17.69 $/year16.32 €/year
  • .name1099 RUB/year14.97 $/year13.80 €/year
  • .info1899 RUB/year25.86 $/year23.85 €/year
  • .mobi2490 RUB/year33.91 $/year31.28 €/year
  • .tv3299 RUB/year44.93 $/year41.44 €/year
  • .pro2199 RUB/year29.95 $/year27.62 €/year
  • .moscow RUB/year $/year €/year
  • .москва RUB/year $/year €/year
  • .рус729 RUB/year9.93 $/year9.16 €/year
  • .eu899 RUB/year12.24 $/year11.29 €/year
  • .us1049 RUB/year14.29 $/year13.18 €/year
  • .biz1500 RUB/year20.43 $/year18.84 €/year
  • .tel1449 RUB/year19.74 $/year18.20 €/year
  • .su480 RUB/year6.54 $/year6.03 €/year
  • .asia1300 RUB/year17.71 $/year16.33 €/year
  • .in1300 RUB/year17.71 $/year16.33 €/year
  • .bz2600 RUB/year35.41 $/year32.66 €/year
  • .cc1090 RUB/year14.85 $/year13.69 €/year
  • .me2799 RUB/year38.12 $/year35.16 €/year
  • .mn4400 RUB/year59.93 $/year55.27 €/year
  • .co2300 RUB/year31.33 $/year28.89 €/year
  • .ca1350 RUB/year18.39 $/year16.96 €/year
  • .de990 RUB/year13.48 $/year12.44 €/year
  • .xxx8299 RUB/year113.03 $/year104.24 €/year
  • .sx2699 RUB/year36.76 $/year33.90 €/year
  • .pw1799 RUB/year24.50 $/year22.60 €/year
  • .cn899 RUB/year12.24 $/year11.29 €/year
  • .nl899 RUB/year12.24 $/year11.29 €/year
  • .kz1200 RUB/year16.34 $/year15.07 €/year
  • .art1550 RUB/year21.11 $/year19.47 €/year
  • .bet2500 RUB/year34.05 $/year31.40 €/year
  • .best1900 RUB/year
  • .kim1599 RUB/year21.78 $/year20.08 €/year
  • .icu849 RUB/year11.56 $/year10.66 €/year
  • .kitchen3899 RUB/year53.11 $/year48.97 €/year
  • .link1049 RUB/year14.29 $/year13.18 €/year
  • .tattoo3499 RUB/year47.66 $/year43.95 €/year
  • .wiki2349 RUB/year31.99 $/year29.51 €/year
  • .photo2399 RUB/year32.67 $/year30.13 €/year
  • .fun1690 RUB/year23.02 $/year21.23 €/year
  • .games1790 RUB/year24.38 $/year22.48 €/year
  • .es990 RUB/year13.48 $/year12.44 €/year
  • .com.ru250 RUB/year3.41 $/year3.14 €/year
  • .blog2400 RUB/year32.69 $/year30.15 €/year
  • .business950 RUB/year12.94 $/year11.93 €/year
  • .desi1399 RUB/year19.05 $/year17.57 €/year
  • .futbol1099 RUB/year14.97 $/year13.80 €/year
  • .gift1600 RUB/year21.79 $/year20.10 €/year
  • .gdn1399 RUB/year19.05 $/year17.57 €/year
  • .group2199 RUB/year29.95 $/year27.62 €/year
  • .ltd2199 RUB/year29.95 $/year27.62 €/year
  • .one1099 RUB/year14.97 $/year13.80 €/year
  • .ooo2599 RUB/year35.40 $/year32.65 €/year
  • .online2999 RUB/year40.85 $/year37.67 €/year
  • .pet1899 RUB/year25.86 $/year23.85 €/year
  • .pictures1199 RUB/year16.33 $/year15.06 €/year
  • .promo1899 RUB/year25.86 $/year23.85 €/year
  • .top1099 RUB/year14.97 $/year13.80 €/year
  • .vip1799 RUB/year24.50 $/year22.60 €/year
  • .work1049 RUB/year14.29 $/year13.18 €/year
  • .xyz1369 RUB/year18.65 $/year17.20 €/year

Domain transfer is also done due to reasons of distrust of some hosting providers or registrars. Also, some domain registrars offer a low price for domain registration, but then compensate for their losses due to the renewal price, which is 2-3 times higher than in the market.We offer the cheapest domain transfer rates.