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Hetzner Data Center (Germany)

Hetzner Online - Provides hosting provider and data center operator services in Germany since 1997. Hetzner is the winner of many awards, both from independent organizations and from the state, For example, in 2011, Hetzner was awarded the GreenIT Prize by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology of Berlin for their innovative approach to creating a green data center. For a complete list of awards, see the Awards section on their website.

Redundant internet connections, including connections to Germany's largest internet exchange site DE-CIX and a direct connection to Telekom, ensure that your websites run smoothly whether you are using web hosting or bet on your own managed or dedicated server.

  • Increased stability is provided by redundant communication channels:
  • 80 Gbps DE-CIX
  • 30 Gbps Noris Network
  • 30 Gbps Deutsche Telekom
  • 20Gbps Init7
  • 20 Gbps Level3
  • 20Gbps KPN
  • 10 Gbps LambdaNet
  • 10 Gbps Global Crossing
  • 10 Gbps Aixit
  • 10 Gbps N-IX
  • 10 Gbps AMS-IX
Energy supply
  • AC: 230V, 16A
  • Additional installations of uninterruptible power supply
  • Battery mode: approx. 15 minutes
  • Diesel Power Generator
  • Improved Multi-Level Power System
Air conditioning
  • Direct energy-saving cooling (DC 10)
    Additional energy generators N+2 (DC 10)
  • Cooling containment "cold aisle" (DC 10)
  • Underfloor air conditioning
  • Room temperature monitoring
    and in server enclosures
  • 6850 sq.m. total area
  • Improved layered system
Colocation rack
  • 49 sections in 19 '' rack
  • Stands external dimensions:
    Height 245 cm
    Width 60 cm
    Depth 90 cm
  • Recommended maximum server depth: 75 cm
  • Secure Access Using Code
  • 24/7 access to Colocation clients
  • Service in German/English
  • 24/7 service
  • Service by qualified technical personnel
  • Ability to install ISDN lines
Fire protection
  • State of the art rapid detection system with direct connection to the fire department
  • Special door locking system

Hetzner provides an excellent balance between price/quality parameters while remaining one of the most attractive data centers

We have several server configurations in Germany for different budgets.