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Register a domain in the zoneMOBI

Domain registration only for 2900 RUB32.77 $29.87 €

Domain for your IT business

If you offer services in the field of information technology or are engaged in the sale of goods, for example, phones, computers and other gadgets, we recommend that you register a domain in the MOBI zone and get an edge over your competitors. Thanks to this option, you can attract a large audience of interested users, quickly promote your business on the Internet and, in general, popularize your brand. Great for repair shops, computer forums, online stores selling smartphones and other gadgets.

Create your personal website

The MOBI domain zone is great for information portals that post instructions and materials on various topics, for example, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux. If you are engaged in the development and promotion of information portals, you definitely need to buy and register a domain in the .mobi zone, choosing a beautiful and sonorous name for your future project. This zone appeared in 2014, and today there are still many free options. Choose a suitable name for your site, and register using the form on our service in a few clicks at one of the lowest prices on the market.

Fast brand or project promotion

By choosing a domain in the MOBI zone, and choosing a good and sonorous name for the site, you increase the chances of rapid promotion of your brand, online store, offering customers not only products, but also a trademark that will be heard by everyone. It is important to think over the name for your project and select several options, because some of them may already be taken. But even now, the MOBI zone has a huge number of free options when compared with other international domain names.

Domain registration for 1 year2900 RUB32.77 $29.87 €

For whom?

  • Startups and Business
  • Online Stores
  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Repair shops
  • Information Portals
  • Topic forums and communities
  • Media

Register domain in MOBI zone

Already have a website? Register a middle name in the MOBI zone

  • Large selection of domain names
  • Target audience growth
  • Causes extra attention