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Register a domain in the zoneCC

Domain registration only for 1700 RUB18.53 $17.34 €

Going beyond the Cocos Islands

The international zone CC was originally intended only for projects that are associated with the Cocos Islands, but later this link has lost its relevance, so now anyone can buy and register a domain in CC, one of the short and attractive zones among all international domains ... Today there is just a huge number of free options, so you can take advantage of this unique opportunity and get the site address you need in a few clicks. Registration is reduced to a few clicks and does not require any specific networking knowledge from you.

Sound title for your site

Not only is there really a huge number of free options for the domain, but the zone itself is very attractive and sonorous. CC - can be interpreted as a Commercial Company, which is great for both individual entrepreneurs and companies, firms, and various organizations. You can register a domain in the CC zone for your online store, blog, service, and there can be many use cases, since the zone itself is universal. Select the option for the site below in a special form and register a domain for your project in a few clicks at the lowest price. You can only use the Latin alphabet, so keep this in mind when choosing a sonorous name.

No limits - and tons of benefits

Are you still in doubt and wondering whether it is worth buying and registering a domain in the CC zone? You can have a project of any direction, and not necessarily a commercial one. And the abbreviation CC is interpreted in different ways, but there are actually a lot of options. But the best part is that the zone itself is very short, and if you choose the same short name for the domain itself, you will seriously benefit from gaining an edge over your competitors. The large selection of free options gives you even more options and benefits, and while you think someone else is registering a domain in the .cc zone

Domain registration for 1 year1700 RUB18.53 $17.34 €

For whom?

  • Online Stores
  • Portals
  • Services
  • Private companies and entrepreneurs
  • Blogs
  • Universal sites with different content types
  • Organizations

Register domain in CC zone

Already have a website? Register a middle name in the CC zone

  • Large selection of domain names
  • Target audience growth
  • Causes extra attention