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Register a domain in the zone WS

Domain registration for only 2449 RUB26.94 $24.74 €

Not limited to Samoa

Initially, the .ws domain zone was intended only for the state of Samoa, where the websites of government agencies, various organizations, military, business and many other industries were registered, but over time this restriction was removed, so today you can buy and register a site in the WS zone any user, choosing the ideal option for their project. It can be both a commercial project and a charity, personal blog or online store. Sites in this zone are well indexed and are perceived positively by search engines, both by Yandex and Google.

Large selection of domains

If you need a bright, sonorous and short domain, we suggest you buy and register in the WS zone in order to gain an advantage over your competitors and develop your own brand on the Internet. There are a large number of free options, and given that you can get a domain with a big discount in our service, maintenance and renewal will cost you a serious benefit. Choose an option for your future website in the form below and register a domain in a few clicks in our service.

WS is the same, only Web Site

As we said earlier, the WS domain zone by default refers to Samoa, however, domains here are often associated with the phrase Web Site, which further emphasizes the significance of the zone and the priority in its direction. If you don't have any sound options left in RU, COM, NET and other zones, you definitely need to buy a domain in the WS zone and register your brand. Such options will be of interest to your visitors, and often such names independently promote themselves using word of mouth. All that remains for you is to choose the appropriate option and make a little effort.

Domain registration for 1 year 2449 RUB26.94 $24.74 €

For whom?

  • Samoans
  • Commercial projects
  • Personal blogs
  • Online stores
  • Any sites of different directions
  • Government project samoa

Register a domain in the WS zone

Already have a website? Register a second name in the WS zone

  • Great selection of domain names
  • Increase in target audience
  • Calls extra attention