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Register a domain in the zoneSU

Domain registration for only 380 RUB4.11 $3.8 €

Great for any project

Initially, the .su domain zone was intended for people of the Soviet period in order to cover most of the audience from the USSR, but today SU domains are used as an alternative to RU. If Cyrillic names in the Russian Federation do not suit you, and the necessary options in RU have long been taken, entrust your choice to the SU domain zone. An excellent option for any project, especially commercial organizations, blogs, media, travel companies. The trust of search engines in the SU zone is exactly the same as in other domain names in Russia and the CIS, so this is an excellent option to register a .su domain, also with a big discount.

Audience trust and great examples from other companies

Long gone are the days when most sites were quoted only in the RU and РФ zones, if we talk about Russian projects and the accompanying audience. Now the SU zone is a great option to get a memorable domain name that will be perfectly indexed by search engines, ranked in search results and cited by other projects. If you choose a consonant name for your site or project and register a domain in the .SU zone, you can get good results and user confidence, just like in other Russian domain zones.

Large selection of combinations

The popularity of the .SU domain zone, of course, is several times lower than that of the Russian Federation or RU. And this is a great chance to go through all the options and choose the best one, because there are still a lot of free domains in this zone, which have already been occupied in RU for a long time. Do not limit yourself to just one zone, so we recommend that you buy a domain in the SU zone right now, choosing the ideal option below.

Domain registration for 1 year380 RUB4.11 $3.8 €

For whom?

  • Private companies and enterprises
  • Media
  • Blogs
  • Historical Resources and Projects
  • Travel companies
  • Organizations of the post-Soviet space

Register domain in SU zone

Already have a website? Register a middle name in the SU zone

  • Large selection of domain names
  • Target audience growth
  • Causes extra attention