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Domain Information SU

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General information about the domain zone

  • Domain zone name SU
  • Country Russia and the countries of the former USSR
  • Year of launching the domain zone Work on creating the zone began in 1990. Since June 27, 2003, domain names are registered on the basis of the "Regulations for the registration of domain names in the SU domain".
  • Purpose Domain zone of the former Soviet Union. Recommended for registration of individuals and legal entities operating in the territory of the former USSR.
  • Official Registry Site
  • Official whois server
  • Zone Registry Whois Update Period Every 15 minutes
  • Dns root server update period Every 6 hours
  • Support for IDN domains Yes
  • Domain zone statistics
  • Domain zone restrictions and peculiarities Standard reserved names and Russian obscene words are not allowed
  • Allowed number of characters excluding domain zone 1-63
  • Personal data concealment service (Private Person) Yes
How can I see the site before updating dns servers

Change domain administrator

  • Features when changing the domain administrator Based on a written application to the registrar

Domain transfer

  • Locks since last domain transfer or change of administrator 30 days after change of ownership and previous transfer
  • Grounds for domain transfer Based on a written application to the registrar
  • Renewal on transfer Not required
  • Domain transfer time Within three business days

Universal domain zone for your projects

If all possible options have long been occupied in more popular domain zones like RU and RF, now you have an excellent opportunity to choose the most ideal option and register a domain in the SU zone at a favorable price. The number of registered names in .su is growing every day, but there are still many attractive options for various industries, where every user can find decent variations for themselves.

Domain zone history

On September 19, 1990, the UNIX Users Association (SUUG - Soviet UNIX Users Group) registered the top-level domain SU for use on the territory of the USSR. She also performed the functions of domain administration. Since 2003, free registration has been reopened.

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