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Register a domain in the zoneGROUP

Domain registration for only 2500 RUB27.5 $25.25 €

Create your online community

Have you decided to create your corporate community on the Internet? Or maybe just a site of interest? In this case, you can buy and register a domain in the GROUP zone, which is perfect for solving your problem. One of the most interesting zones, suitable for groups of companies, communities, friends, and here you can make both a public site and a private project where only your employees, colleagues, people of interest will exchange information. You can buy a domain in the GROUP zone from us at the best price on the market by registering using the special form below. The best conditions, quick registration, the ability to rent hosting on a VDS or VPS server in a few clicks. All this is available to you right now.

Great selection of free names

The advantage of the .group domain zone is a huge selection of free options, so you can choose the most sonorous, interesting and short address for yourself using the selection form. Moreover, after registration, a further extension is available immediately for several years in advance, and the cost is only 1200 rubles. in year. There are really a huge number of free options in this zone, so you can choose an option for both a commercial project and a community, a personal blog, a service, or a closed portal for your employees. The zone is perfectly indexed by the search engines Yandex, Google, and there will be no problems with ranking in the search results.

Create your "ideal community"

All that separates you is a few clicks. Do not hesitate and register a domain in the GROUP zone right now. Although there are still many free options left, other users are also considering this zone as an alternative for the name of their project, so you need to use the opportunity and act "here and now". Increase the efficiency and productivity of your team, create the perfect portal, implement only the best innovative technologies, and be sure to motivate your employees with interesting incentives. And the first step in this stage is to organize a community, a working platform for the company, so domains in the GROUP zone are one of the best options. We recommend that you use the registration form below and register your domain directly now at the best price on our website.

Domain registration for 1 year 2500 RUB27.5 $25.25 €

For whom?

  • Themed Communities
  • Corporate Communities
  • Projects with private access
  • Group Sites
  • Services and platforms for connecting users
  • Thematic social networks

Register a domain in the GROUP zone

Already have a website? Register a middle name in the GROUP zone

  • Great selection of domain names
  • Increase in target audience
  • Calls extra attention