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Register a domain in the zoneGIFT

Domain registration only for 2100 RUB23.94 $21.84 €

A present for everyone from the first minutes

Did you know that the actions of a user who went to a page of your site are determined already in the first seconds? And here it is very important to keep the client, otherwise he will close the page, never reaching the most interesting and important. And the first thing to start with is the correct domain name. In zones like COM, RU, NET, there are no decent options left for a long time, and if you want to find and register something in a hurry, then you don't have to try at all. Another thing is the GIFT zone, in which you can register a domain with most of the options in the Latin alphabet. Sites with such zones can be perfect for both sweepstakes and online stores, charities.

Gifts and money are just around the corner

There are a huge number of holidays in different countries, including in Russia, the CIS, and even if you select a domain in the .GIFT zone as your main address, you can use it as an online store selling various goods as seasonal and everyday. Business owners who are somehow related to gifts benefit even more. In this case, you can immediately buy and register a domain in the GIFT zone to tell your customers about gifts and various cheap goods. Here, each site owner can decide for himself how to beat the name of the domain zone in order to attract more customers to his resource

Make a present for yourself

Gifts, gifts, gifts. We only hear about it, but you give joy to others, don't you? You can only make a gift to yourself at the start of your project. Register a domain in the GIFT zone right now with a big discount and get a clear advantage over competitors, promote your own brand and give out cool prizes to your subscribers, interested users, so that they show even more interest in your products. Your online store doesn't have to only sell products purchased from other suppliers. Various hand-made products, for example, made of wood, leather, plastic and other materials, are also a great option. So make the most of this opportunity!

Domain registration for 1 year2100 RUB23.94 $21.84 €

For whom?

  • Online Stores
  • Small services or themed sites for the holidays
  • Directories
  • Charity Sites
  • Blogger platforms
  • Individual entrepreneurs

Register domain in GIFT zone

Already have a website? Register a middle name in the GIFT zone

  • Large selection of domain names
  • Target audience growth
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