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Register a domain in the zoneMOSCOW

Domain registration only for 405 RUB4.38 $4.05 €

The best domain for the Russian capital

Moscow is the capital of Russia, and life is in full swing here, thousands of different directions, businesses are developing, where every entrepreneur wants to reach his audience on the Internet. It is for such categories of users that we propose registering a domain in the MOSCOW zone in order to gain an advantage over the competition or to combine several projects into one single zone of the regional level. Business centers, financial organizations, political companies and structures prefer to use a domain in the Moscow zone, as this zone perfectly shows the regional affiliation of the project and its features.

Geotagging is your helper

If you have a regional business or an activity tied specifically to Moscow and the Moscow region, then a domain in the MOSCOW zone is just what you are looking for. Thanks to the large number of projects, it is possible to link from one site to another, and at the same time the user will always see in which area your activity is located, even before he even has time to click on the link. If you want to emphasize your territorial location and at the same time get an advantage over competitors in terms of promotion who have decided to choose other zones, then you need to register a MOSCOW domain and take advantage of this opportunity right now.

Large selection of domains

Even if most of the names are already taken in RU, and even in the Russian Federation, and you need to create a project focused on Moscow, then the MOSCOW zone is perfect for these purposes. And, despite the fact that many organizations and enterprises have already settled here, there are still a huge number of free names, so you can always find the best option for yourself. Attractive names, designation of territorial reference, premium zone, recognizability not only in Russia, but all over the world. This is just a small list of the advantages that can be identified for the owners of the Moscow domain zone.

Domain registration for 1 year 405 RUB4.38 $4.05 €

For whom?

  • Online Stores
  • Entertainment projects
  • Help sites and aggregators
  • Travel companies
  • Private enterprises and companies
  • Business portals of different directions
  • Media
  • Various government bodies in Moscow and the Moscow region

Register a domain in the MOSCOW zone

Already have a website? Register a middle name in the MOSCOW zone

  • Large selection of domain names
  • Target audience growth
  • Causes extra attention