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Register a domain in the zoneICU

Domain registration for only 1200 RUB13.2 $12.12 €

A unique domain with its own abbreviation

If you've never heard of an ICU domain name before, now is your chance to catch up. Registering a domain in the ICU zone will allow you to highlight your project against the background of other sites, since the abbreviation stands for - I SEE YOU, that is, "I see you." And it can be played in different ways. For example, if you create some kind of service or project with services, you can indicate that you, as interested owners, see all the opportunities for development, interaction with a buyer or client, take into account his needs, see problems. Here everything depends specifically on your topic, but you can beat it in different ways. Register a domain in the ICU zone right now at a bargain price and create your own unique project for a multi-million audience.

Universal area for everyone

There are a lot of options for using the .icu domain zone, but it can be said with full confidence that this is a domain for any projects, a truly universal zone. It can be both online stores and commercial projects, blogs, various services and platforms, advertising agencies, news sites. At the same time, you have a huge selection of free options, although the most delicious options have long been occupied in the same COM, NET, RU. If you need a sonorous, interesting and attractive domain, then register it in the ICU zone and get a short name for your site. Also note that the zone itself is short, so you can choose options using both the zone and the domain itself to end up with one word.

Youth movement is the direction for you

Young people will really appreciate such an approach as using the project with the ICU zone, where it will be said that “You are seen”, they are ready to help, to provide exactly the services that the client wants to receive. In general, in the modern world, you need to bring something new, and the .icu domain zone is a confirmation of this. Thanks to such a domain, you can emphasize attention to the client, details, the quality of your services, coolly beat the description of your project or company, and generally attract a potential audience. If you have no doubts, then right now you can buy and register a domain in the ICU zone, choosing a sonorous name for your future project at the best price.

Domain registration for 1 year1200 RUB13.2 $12.12 €

For whom?

  • Online stores
  • Universal Services
  • Blogs
  • Websites for youth
  • Information portals
  • Private companies
  • Security companies
  • Companies that install video surveillance
  • Entertainment services and portals

Register a domain in the ICU zone

Already have a website? Register a second name in the ICU zone

  • Great selection of domain names
  • Increase in target audience
  • Calls extra attention