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Domain InformationICU

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General information about the domain zone

  • Domain zone name ICU
  • CountryInternational zone
  • Year of domain zone launch2018
  • PurposeGeneral purpose domain zone
  • Registry official website
  • Official whois
  • IDN supportNo
  • Allowed number of characters excluding domain zone3-63
  • Service for hiding personal data (Private Person)Yes
How can I see the site before updating dns servers

See you, they see you

As mentioned earlier, domains in the ICU zone stand for - I SEE YOU, where you write in plain text: "I see you." But at the same time, you must understand that customers see you, your attitude, predisposition to a person, loyalty. And the first sign of attention is the trigger on the site name. If you choose a really unique, sonorous and interesting name, then you will attract a client, and then it’s all about the small. By offering quality services, you will be able to get the desired result and convert an interested client into a buyer. Register a domain in the ICU zone and get this opportunity right now using the selection form below.

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