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Domain InformationRU

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General information about the domain zone

  • Domain zone nameRU
  • CountryRussian Federation
  • Domain zone launch year04/07/1994
  • PurposeIntended for use by legal entities and individuals residing in Russia or associated with Russia, non-residents can also register domains in the RU zone.
  • Official website of the registry
  • Official whois
  • Zone Registry Whois Update PeriodEvery 15 minutes
  • Update period for dns root serversEvery 4 hours
  • IDN domains supportNo
  • Domain zone statistics
  • Domain zone restrictions and peculiaritiesStandard reserved names and Russian obscene words are not allowed
  • Allowed number of characters excluding domain zone2-63
  • Personal data concealment service (Private Person)Yes
How can I see the site before updating dns servers

Change domain administrator

  • Features when changing the domain administratorBased on an application to the registrar

Domain transfer

  • Portability in REG.RUYes
  • Reasons for domain transferBased on private key
  • Renewal on transferOptional
  • Transition time nose domainWithin three working days

Ideal domain name for a Russian-speaking audience

Thanks to the rich Russian language, you can choose a sonorous name for your site and register the RU domain as you imagine it. Despite the large number of names already registered, many interesting and consonant variants can be found. Use our registration form to select a domain name in the zone ru and register your chosen option in a few clicks.

Domain zone history

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  • Many free beautiful names
  • More target audience
  • Grabs attention