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Domain InformationNAME

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General information about the domain zone

  • Domain zone nameNAME
  • CountryInternational Zone
  • Domain zone launch year01/15/2002
  • PurposeInitially, it was possible to register domains only at the third level in the name zone (for example, Since January 15, 2004, registration of second-level domains has been opened in the name zone.
  • Official Registry Site
  • Official whois
  • Zone Registry Whois Update PeriodEvery 6 Hours
  • Support for IDN domainsYes
  • Allowed number of characters excluding domain zone3-63
  • Personal data concealment service (Private Person)Yes
How can I see the site before updating dns servers

Change domain administrator

  • Specifics when changing a domain administratorOnline without restrictions

Domain transfer

  • Locks since last domain transfer or administrator change1
  • Reasons for domain transferBased on private key
  • Renewal by transfer1 year
  • Domain transfer timeWithin 15 days

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