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Register a domain in the zoneUA

Domain registration for only RUB $

Great domain for Ukraine

Have you decided to create a project that will sell or offer any services on the territory of Ukraine? Then the surest option is to register a domain in the UA zone, since it belongs to Ukraine and is the first national domain in this country. This is a recognizable name, in which there is still a huge number of free names. You have a great opportunity to interest millions of users in your country and offer them your services, products, create an interesting portal or information project. All that is required of you is to buy and register a domain in the UA zone at the best price.

Brand Owner's Expanse™

Domains in the .ua zone are suitable for almost any projects in different directions, so you can create a project of any direction, whether it is a business, a commercial organization, a political party, an online store, a blog, a service, but there are certain restrictions: registration is only possible in the event that you have a trademark ™, mark. Actually, a domain is registered under it. To date, there are over 22,000 registered domains in this zone, so there are still a huge number of options. But, as mentioned earlier, in order to register a domain in the UA zone, you must have a trademark and have all the documents and legal force for this on the territory of Ukraine.

Your borders are only in your head

You have a huge "field" for the implementation of your plans and ambitions, and this is a great opportunity to tell the whole world about yourself, about your products. Domains in the UA zone are excellently ranked in search engines, both in Ukraine and in Russia, the CIS, and abroad. You can create a project of any level, scale it up and create content for your audience. If you want to represent the interests of Ukraine, but at the same time you are also considering Russia, we recommend that you additionally register a domain in the RU or RF zone. For those who do not have their own trademark in Ukraine, but at the same time want to get a national domain, we recommend that you take a closer look at the COM.UA zone, which is the most popular among all the others in this country.

Domain registration for 1 year RUB $

For whom?

  • Trademarks in Ukraine
  • The trademark is registered in another country, but is also distributed in Ukraine under international law

Register a domain in the UA zone

Already have a website? Register a middle name in the UA zone

  • Great selection of domain names
  • Increase in target audience
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