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Domain InformationIN

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General information about the domain zone

  • Domain zone nameIN
  • CountryIndia
  • Year of domain zone launch1989
  • DestinationNational domain of India, from 16.02.2005 free registration
  • Official website of the registry
  • Official whois
  • The period for updating data in the Whois of the zone registryEvery 15 minutes
  • Root DNS servers update periodEvery 15 minutes
  • IDN supportNo
  • Allowed number of characters excluding domain zone3-63
  • Service for hiding personal data (Private Person)No
How can I see the site before updating dns servers

Change domain administrator

  • Features when changing the domain administratorOnline without restrictions

Domain Transfer

  • Locks after last domain transfer or admin change60 days after registration and previous transfer
  • Reason for transferring a domainBased on a secret key
  • Renewal on Transfer1 year
  • Domain transfer timeWithin 15 days

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As you understand, you should register a domain in the IN zone if you are targeting India specifically, because Most of the sites here are registered specifically for residents of this country. At the same time, you can be geographically located in any part of the world and work on your project remotely, in which you have a great advantage. In our service, we offer you to buy a domain in the IN zone at one of the best prices on the market, and you can also order hosting in the form of a VDS or VSP server, where you can host your site and start filling it with materials. Remember that India is not the most developed country in terms of technology and everything else, but in the future everything will change dramatically.

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