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Register a domain in the zone COM.UA

Domain registration for only RUB $

Best domain for Ukraine

Representing the interests of Ukraine and want to create your own project on the Internet in order to attract the audience of this country? Then you definitely need to buy a domain in the COM.UA zone and register it right now. This is the most popular domain zone in Ukraine, since only trademarks can be registered in UA, and today no more than 100 thousand domains are occupied there. If we talk about COM.UA, then millions of options are used here, and not only in this country, but also in Russia and the CIS. Many companies that want to attract an audience from Ukraine and represent their interests, as a rule, register domains in, so you have a great opportunity to follow this advice.

A large selection of domains for different topics

The main advantage of the COM.UA zone is the absence of restrictions on topics. That is, you can buy a domain to create your own blog or open a full-fledged online store, represent the interests of a private company, enterprise, travel agency. In general, there are really a lot of options, and there are even more free domains in this zone, so in no case should you hesitate. In the form below, you can buy and register a domain in the COM.UA zone at the best price on the market, and get access to it within a few minutes after the completion of the operation. Choose the option you like, rent VDS or VPS hosting from us for your future project and launch it to the masses for Russia and the CIS.

Ukraine is a huge country, and this is your advantage

If you want to expand the limits of your business, attract an additional interested audience, then register a domain in the COM.UA zone and get a large influx of customers from Ukraine. This is indeed a huge brotherly country in relation to Russia, where tens of millions of people of different nationalities, faiths, interests, and ages live. Despite the fact that the domain belongs to the second-level zone, in fact it is the most popular on the territory of Ukraine, and the trust in it from users is very high. You can use the same domain name as in the RU, RF zones, if it is still free. Use the form below to register a domain in the COM.UA zone with a discount right now.

Register domain for 1 year RUB $

For whom?

  • Projects of any kind
  • Online stores
  • Travel agencies
  • Ukrainian versions of websites
  • TV channels
  • Blogs
  • Foreign companies entering the Ukrainian market
  • Media
  • Services

Register a domain in the COM.UA zone

Already have a website? Register a second name in the COM.UA zone

  • Great selection of domain names
  • Increase in target audience
  • Calls extra attention