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  • Validation: Domain
  • Issuance: 5 minutes
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  • Verify installation: Yes
  • Insurance: 10000$
  • Free logo: Yes
  • Browsers: 99.6%
  • Wildcard: No
  • Servers unlimited

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Description of the Sectigo EssentialSSL SSL certificate

Today it is difficult to overestimate the importance of SSL for a website. Internet security is currently one of the most important challenges facing the owners of websites and online stores.

If you need reliable protection of your resource at an affordable price, then you should consider the Sectigo Essential SSL certificate. It is considered practically the most profitable, as it is distinguished by a high degree of protection and speed of issue. The check is carried out online within 5 minutes without sending documents.

When choosing which SSL certificate to buy for a startup, we recommend that you pay attention to Sectigo Essential SSL, as it has a lot of advantages. This certificate is characterized by 2048-bit signature and 256-bit encryption of the connection, free daily site scan, PCI scan, $ 10,000 guarantee, expert support and almost 99.6% browser compatibility.

It is worth buying this type of SSL as it is a great protection option for a new website or small online store. Using this certificate, you can set up payment by VISA or MASTERCARD.
If such a means of protection is available, site visitors will see a lock icon in the browser line, confirming that this resource is reliably protected. This will increase the confidence of users who will need to enter personal data to make a purchase or order a service.

Security logo. Your site is protected
With such certificates, you can often get a free security logo, placing which on your site allows you to inform visitors that they are on a safe site. A security logo is an additional plus to sales and customer confidence.

Domain Validated SSL Certificates
The cheapest SSL certificates with domain verification are the fastest to issue. no documents are required for their release. The process of confirming the certificate is the easiest by e-mail, to which you receive a letter with a link. These certificates are suitable for small sites.

Comparison of SSL Certificates
Our company shows in detail the differences between the most famous SSL certificates today. You can compare any of the certificates and find the best one for your tasks, while the price of an SSL certificate is not the main thing!

Comparing certificates by brand
Comparing certificates by type

SSL Certificates FAQ
Sectigo EssentialSSL.

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SSL issueWithin 5 minutes

Our fully automated system allows you to receive SSL certificates with domain verification within minutes.

Best prices100% guarantee

Found a price lower than on our website? Let us know and we will provide an even lower and more favorable price for the certificate.