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  • Validation: Domain
  • Issue: 8 minutes
  • Free re-issue: Yes
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  • Verify installation: Yes
  • Insurance: $500,000
  • Free logo: Yes
  • Browsers: 99.6%
  • Wildcard: No
  • Servers unlimited

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Description of Thawte SSL 123 SSL certificate

Thawte SSL 123 certificate is a group certificate, that is, it protects a domain and all its subdomains. In addition, all subdomains that appear in the future will also be protected. This is an economical and cost effective option that does not require the presence of the company name in the SSL certificate for the site.

At the same time, registration does not take much time and does not require serious checks. Immediately after payment and confirmation of domain ownership your site will be protected. This certificate is characterized by 256-bit support for mail servers and other applications.

Search engines such as Google, Yandex and others are better at treating sites with appropriate data protection. In addition, when a user visits the site, the browser immediately informs him whether this resource has special protection against data theft.

Having decided to buy SSL for the site, but without having a lot of money, you can completely get by with a budget certificate option such as Thawte SSL 123. It will be a great solution for small or new sites or blogs.
If you need to make changes, you can order a free reissue of the certificate. It is compatible with 99.9% of browsers, including new mobile browsers. It is not compatible with older versions of mobile browsers though.When deciding which SSL certificate to buy, the owner first of all looks at its cost.

Security should be reliable, but not too expensive. Thawte SSL 123 certificate fully meets these criteria. After purchasing it, the owner will receive a security logo informing visitors about the availability of a system for protecting their data.

Security logo. Your site is protected
With such certificates, you can often get a free security logo, placing which on your site allows you to inform visitors that they are on a safe site. A security logo is an additional plus to sales and customer confidence.

Domain Validated SSL Certificates
The cheapest SSL certificates with domain verification are the fastest to issue. for their release no documents are required. The process of confirming the certificate is the easiest by e-mail, to which you receive a letter with a link. These certificates are suitable for small sites.

SSL certificate comparison
Our company shows in detail the differences between the most famous SSL certificates today. You can compare any of the certificates and find the best one for your tasks, while the price of an SSL certificate is not the main thing!

Comparing certificates by brand
Comparing certificates by type

SSL Certificates FAQ
Thawte SSL 123.

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SSL issue Within 8 minutes

Our fully automated system allows you to receive SSL certificates with domain verification within minutes.

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