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.VIP Domain Registration

Here you can buy cheap hosting for your site.
And if you buy a domain and hosting for a long time, then we will register the domain for FREE.

  • Details
  • Domain name must be between 2 and 63 characters long
  • Must start and end with a number or letter
  • Cannot contain hyphens in 3rd and 4th positions at the same time
  • DNS update can take up to 6 hours
  • Any individual or organization can register a domain for legal use
  • No need to be a resident of the Russian Federation
  • The domain is being registered to customer data

Why you need to buy a .VIP domain, all the information about .VIP domain registration.

How to register a .VIP domain?

Cheap .vip domain, why do you need it?
At first glance, the .VIP domain sounds too pretentious, but meanwhile, this extension is very popular throughout the network.
The term "VIP" is prestigious and exclusive, it asks people a question. VIP is where people want to be, the list they want to make, and low-cost domains.
VIPs are the sites and brands they want to attract their business to. The .VIP domain represents the promise of the highest quality and experience and works like an app
for marketing and promotion for brands seeking to differentiate themselves in a saturated market.
Registering a .vip domain is very easy now. You can buy a .vip domain and hosting and demonstrate to all network users that real quality is behind you, and you are ready to be responsible for any result.
Even if you have a regular forum, registering a .vip domain will generate an influx of new visitors who will definitely be attracted by the name.
You yourself manage your site, and if you think that it is worthy of a VIP status, it's time to buy a .vip domain and assign this status to your Internet resource.
Everything is in your hands, and you decide how your site will develop in the global network.