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.TOP domain registration

You can buy cheap hosting for your site from us.
And if you buy a domain and hosting for a long time, then we will register the domain for FREE.

  • Details
  • Domain name must be between 2 and 63 characters long
  • Must start and end with a number or letter
  • Cannot contain hyphens in 3rd and 4th positions at the same time
  • DNS update can take up to 6 hours
  • Any individual or organization can register a domain for legal use
  • No need to be a resident of the Russian Federation
  • The domain is being registered to customer data

Why you need to buy a .TOP domain, all information about .TOP domain registration.

How to register a .TOP domain?

Unusual popularity of inexpensive .top.
The cheapest .TOP domain, despite its simplicity, is the most coveted domain on the entire Internet. This domain shows that you are the most popular place on the internet.
.TOP is the second largest registered extension in history and is set to take the lead by a wide margin soon.
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World sales leaders, companies with a long-term name, are registered in this domain.

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But the question is, why can't you do the same? Are you confident about your product? So why can't you buy a .top domain and hosting and become famous around the world?
You can, and you can easily do it!
The term “top” is easily recognizable, making it a natural choice for businesses on the Internet looking for the best and not stopping until they reach the top!You can buy a .top domain now!
.Top domain registration is instant and you can join the global community of the best online resources anytime you want.