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.GIFT Domain Registration

Here you can buy cheap hosting for your site.
And if you buy a domain and hosting for a long time, then we will register the domain for FREE.

  • Details
  • Domain name must be between 2 and 63 characters long
  • Must start and end with a number or letter
  • Cannot contain hyphens in 3rd and 4th positions at the same time
  • DNS update can take up to 6 hours
  • Any individual or organization can register a domain for legal use
  • No need to be a resident of the Russian Federation
  • The domain is being registered to customer data

Why you need to buy a .GIFT domain, all the information about .GIFT domain registration.

How to register a .GIFT domain?

Unique gift inexpensive domain .gift.
We all love to give and receive gifts. To choose the best gift, you need to find a platform that will offer a variety of options in abundance.
You can create your own site on the Internet by assigning it a cheap domain, gift.
A .gift domain means that your site is related to gifts, it could be a gift delivery agency, it could be a store with a decent selection of surprises for your loved ones, or just a forum to discuss good gifts for the holidays.
Now is the time to register a .gift domain, every year people spend more and more on gifts for their families, and each time, the price tag of an average gift set gets higher.
Domain registration gift will always be on time. Because Holidays surround us all year round.
Even if you want to open a courier service, such a domain will immediately tell users that they can contact you for help in providing delivery.
Buy a domain and hosting is very important for the future website promotion.
A domain is, without exaggeration, the face of your brand, because first, users see the domain name, and only then they become visitors to your resource.
Hurry up to buy hosting .gift and come up with your own unique site name.